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Light Language Learning mobile application is committed to helping language learners with scientific learning experience

10+ languages ​​covered

Light language learning App supports learning 10 languages, including Russian, French, Spanish, Korean, Portuguese, German, Japanese, Arabic, English, Mandarin Chinese, all APPs support IOS, Android, Harmony OS system and wearable devices. No matter which language you learn, we will provide you with the best learning experience


Light Facts

Scientific Learning Experiences

Multi-scene word book Include everything you need, alphabests, oral practice, reading ability and Writing skills
Progress Tracking Scientific planning and data chart of the Ebbinghaus forgetting curve, more efficient with memorization
Daily Sentence Partial learning, easy language learning
Grammar Learning Concise rules and instructions, easy to learn
Memorization Test with AI 8 quiz types, say goodbye to rote memorization

Science Language Learning Methods

Completed Courseware System
No martter you are a beginner or a language expert, we can provide dedicated section which fit your needs.
AI Language Level Evaluation
We will analyse your leanring progress with AI.
Pronunciation and reading AI score can measure your language level at any time, and multi-dimensional evaluation and scoring will allow you to immediately improve your weaknesses.
Scientific recitation system will greatly increases your vocabulary memorization
Based on the Ebbinghaus forgetting curve, at the critical point of forgetting, the review is automatically arranged just right to make word memory easier.

Success Stories

Light is my favorite online language learning resource. The language learning module, audio and reading are all my favorite features and it really helps me to study efficiently.
I really appreciate Light for changing the way I learn languages. The Light Learning System makes reading in your target language easy, efficient and effective. By highlighting words and phrases, vocabulary and grammar knowledge improves naturally during reading.
After using Light for a year, I decided to take the delfb1 exam, but didn't expect such great success. I got a 90, the highest of all the students who took the test!

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